The Diary of a Commuter

Friday, 11 April 2008

Dictionary of a Commuter

Unexpectedly aroused en route to work, a possible cause of which is the continuous and vibrating movement of the Northern Line. On a particularly packed train The St John's Wood usually preceeds a Woodside Park.

A gentlemen's adjustment, usually following a St Johns Wood.


sub said...

We also have phrases for early morning rail travel arousal/adjustment here in the United Snakes. It appears that your British St. John's Wood is not too dissimilar from the NYC Metro Transit Authority's Longwood, while the reaction to said Longwood is known as a Norwood.
NYC Subway Patron 1 - "Yo son, real talk, I was rollin' to work and the mutha f@#$n 5 train stopped at Longwood, I had to switch at Norwood with a quickness for real"
NYC Subway Patron 2 - "word yo?"
NYC Subway Patron 1 - "word son"

This phenomena is primarily caused by packed train cars and a coupling of an excellent female to male subway patron ratio combined with the female patrons often wearing very little clothing as the Summer temperatures rise above 90+ degrees fahrenheit.

Working Mum said...

I challenge you (as you seem to be of extremely fertile mind) to make up a definition for every station on your journey to work. Just because the ones you've written so far made me LOL ;-)

The Dotterel said...

Cycling to work just doesn't have the same effect. In fact, the opposite!